Monday, March 12, 2012

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

  1. I will have 5 iPads in my classroom. One benefit of having the iPads is that my students will be able to access the online version of our textbook. The online version has videos and PowerPoint presentations that make the stories in the textbook more interesting, and the students will now be able to watch the videos to enhance their interest in particular stories or authors. Also, I can have students record class notes on the iPads. There are various apps available that can help them do this. I can then link to the notes on my class website so that the students who are absent are able to view what they missed. 
  2. I plan to manage the iPads by creating a list of classroom rules for students to follow when using the iPads. We will discuss general technology guidelines. I plan to number each device, and students must sign in and out with me when they use a certain device. That way I have a detailed list as to which students were on certain devices at certain times. I will also designate certain students as "tech helpers" so that students do not always have to come to me when they have trouble.

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