Monday, March 12, 2012

Tool 7: Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

1. I think it would be helpful to use Skype for a peer review/editing activity. Ideally, I would like to partner with an upper-level English classroom. I think this would be useful for both classrooms; my students would get useful feedback from students who are above-average writers, and the upper-level students would be working on their writing skills by providing feedback to my students. 

2. The objective for this lesson would be for students to analyze writing for purpose, structure, grammar, mechanics, etc. by using Skype to critique each other's work. I plan to implement this at the beginning of the year when we are working on Personal Narratives. The upper-level students would be working on college essays, so I think the two forms of writing would pair well together. I plan to use my district-issued iPads to allow students to communicate with the upper-level students. Students would receive a copy of each other's papers in advance (either through e-mail, GoogleDocs, etc.) to read and review. They would have a set of questions to answer to guide their analysis of each other's paper. They would then share their responses via Skype so they can have a conversation with each other about what they found.

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