Monday, February 6, 2012

Tool #4: Moving up to the Clouds

1. The document that I created in Google Docs was notes for writing open-ended responses for the STAAR test. I shared it with my English I Academic team. I am hoping that they will provide me with some feedback so that we can devise a solid formula for our students to follow when they take the STAAR test.

2. The form that I created in Google Docs was a questionnaire about STAAR preparation. I sent it to my English I Academic team. I am hopeful that I will gain some new teaching ideas from reading their responses.

3. Google Apps could be extremely useful with my English I Academic team. We all have additional commitments outside of school, so Google Apps would be an easy way for us to collaborate on lessons without having to meet face-to-face. As for using it in my classroom, I see it being very useful in the writing process. It would eliminate the massive amounts of paper that I have to take home everyday, and my revisions and suggestions would be instantly visible to my students. I would not have to waste five minutes in class passing back papers! I'm excited to try this with our next process paper. I also think it could make peer revision more fun for the students...they always think things are fun if they get to use a computer!


  1. I agree about the use of Google Docs for peer revision- this might allow for some accountability that is otherwise missing from standard peer reviews. Maybe they could review anonymously- that way the lesson is less dictated by peer pressures!

  2. There you go, make the technology work for you and not the other way around. The strategy mentioned in #3 save you time, save paper, and is more engaging for your students. Good job!